Control and Supervision Commission

Ilqar Mashayev

Control and Supervision Commission exercises control above officials and members of the association to comply with the charter, as well as exercises control over the financial activities of the Union. Members of the CSC shall be determined by the General Meeting. The Committee’s terms of office of two (2) years. The Committee’s decisions are taken by a simple majority vote. The Committee appeals to the bodies and members of the Union to respond to them within a month.

Movla Musayev

Togrul Manafli


General Direсtor – Ilgar Mashayev
Chief Auditor – Movla Musayev
Auditor – Togrul Manafli
Auditor – Anar Gandjiev
Auditor – Sabuhi Karimov

Anar Gandjiev

Sabuhi Karimov