31 December 2017


I am glad to greet you on behalf of the staff of Aykikay Aikido Clubs Public Union on this pleasant day. I would like to gladden you with a good news on this pleasant day . On 1st of  December 2017, the Aykikay Union (HOMBU) and the International Aikido Federation granted Aykikay Aikido Clubs Public Union the right to represent Aikido Federation throughout the country and in the international arena. It is appreciated as a very nice event for Azerbaijan. I believe that our Union will be a reliable communication channel for those who love Aikido to learn this beautiful artwork and become a friendly family.

I congratulate you on the coming solidarity day and happy new year, I wish you a long life and good health

With best wishes and respect,

Honorary Chairman of the 
Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union
Chingiz Aliyev.

Recognition of Hombu