Emin Nuriyev

Was born in 16.12.1978, in Aliabad, Saatly of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Went to school in the year of 1983, in the same village, where Was born. Finished the secondary school in the year of 1994. During my school years was going in for free wrestling. In 1994, entered the Azerbaijan State Academy of Physical Training and Sports. Was awarded with a grade of Candidate of Master of Sport Gymnastics over the period of my years in the Academy. My specialization is Teacher-Trainer of Sports. Right after successfully graduated from the Academy in 1998, joined Army. Completed my Military service in 1999. In the same year, started working in a private advertising company. In 2000, Baku Executive Power hired me as a technician, where am still working as a Head of Division. Have been actively engaging in AIKIDO since the year of 2002. Had been a member of the National Aikido Federation and Eurasian Aikido Federation by 2015. Holder of a Second Dan Rank and a Black Belt in Aikido. Have been a member of Azerbaijan Aikikai Aikido Clubs Public Union since the year of 2015. At present, working as a Chief Instructor.

Chief Instructor Aikikai Aikido Azerbaijan Emin Nuriyev 2 Dan

Started his activity on October 1, 2017 as an instructor of the “Shinjutsu Aikido Sports Club” Public Union at of the Azerbaijan “Aikido Aikikai Clubs” Public Union.

From November 2017 he was appointed as the chief instructor of the Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs ” Public Union. Conducts classes in the group at of the “Shinjuttsu Aikido Sports Club” Public Union.