Ilham Guliyev

Ilqar Mashayev

Emin Nuriyev

Commission for admission

Chairman – Ilham Guliyev
Secretary General – Ilgar Mashayev
Chief Instructor – Emin Nuriyev


  • Any individual living in the Republic of Azerbaijan may be a member of a public union.
  • Any Aikikai sports club with state registration of the Republic of Azerbaijan may be admitted to membership in the legislation in order to operate within the framework of the public union.
  • To be admitted to the membership of the public union, it should be applied with an application to any of the clubs within the public union.
  • The head of the club should present the membership application for admission to the office manager.
  • When submitting an application, the relevant documents required by the public union must be submitted.
  • Application for membership.
  • Application of leaving from another Aikido club, federation (etc.).
  • A copy of the age paper (those who didn’t reach the puberty age).
  • Copy of ID card.
  • Health certificate.
  • A book of degree and a highly honored diploma of Aikikai Aikido.
  • Photo 3×4 (2 or 4 pieces).
  • The person applying for admission within one (1) month from the date of submission of the application will be admitted to the membership of the public union.
  • Members of the Admissions Committee:
  • Chairman of the public union.
  • Secretary General of the public union.
  • The chief instructor of the public union.
  • Members of the public union have equal rights.

Membership of the Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union

Everyone who came to study aikido in sections of the  “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union should:

  • remember that he comprehends aikido not just in the aikido section, but in the affiliate of the World Aikido Center..
  • respect the teachings of the Founder of Aikido in the form in which it is transmitted by his followers, Hombu Dojo instructors and instructors of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs”  public Union.

Membership of the  “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” ipublic union s individual and voluntary. 
Member of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union can be any engaged in aikido in one of the sections of “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union regardless of regional affiliation.

Rights and duties of the member  “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union.

Members of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union have the right:

  • to be engaged in the sections included of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union;
  • participate in all events “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union;
  • To participate in foreign programs in the team “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union;
  • represent “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union on the territory of Azerbaijan and abroad, in accordance with the authority granted;
  • to pass certification on Kyu and Dan.

Members of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union are required to:

  • – regularly attend training sessions in sections “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union, to improve the spirit and body remembering that the technique itself is not the goal, it is only a tool for the education of personality and spiritual growth;
  • take an active part in the activities of the “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union, promote its strengthening and development, and also support the traditions of the school;
  • respect the experience and work of the instructors “” Aikikai Aikido Clubs “public union;
  • strictly follow the rules of conduct in training; behave so that in the sections “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union reigned a favorable atmosphere of mutual respect;
  • follow the rules and regulations adopted in “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union;
  • timely pay membership fees.

In accordance with the ethical standards adopted in the martial arts and the international rules of the Hombu Dojo, in case of your independent participation in the training of foreign aikido clubs, as well as the Aikikai instructor seminars (including those at the Hombu Dojo), you must inform the management “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” public union and receive a letter of recommendation.