Dear friends, welcome to our website !

I am sincerely glad to welcome you on the web page of the Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union. Aikido can not be called as a sport, but rather it is an art.All the arts, born in Japan, such as religion, philosophy, is like starts with understanding of their origin. For all the people who know and understand the Japanese civilization and art, for those who wish to learn or already studying Aikido or other martial arts, the path will be long and difficult. Aikido teaches us to live in harmony with the world and himself. This is the meaning of Aikido. I hope that our portal will be a reliable network channel which uniting all who love Aikido and want to learn this beautiful art.

With respect and best wishes,
Honorary Chairman of the
Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union
Chingiz Aliyev.

Message from Doshu

合気会道主 植芝 守央The Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, through intensive Martial Arts training and strict cultivation of mind, created Aikido. Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu devoted himselfl to promote Aikido’s great value and to open the doors to the world. It has been 82 years since the current Hombu Dojo was found in 1931. Aikido has been spread to 130 countries: North, Central and South America; Western and Eastern Europe; and Southeast Asia. In 2012, the Aikikai Foundation embarked on the new phase as a Public Interest Incorporated Foundation. The Founder, Morihei Ueshiba, created Aikido as a way to “banyu-aigo (love for all things in nature)”, after having a sense of doubt for Martial Arts which are for developing fighting skill with the ultimate goal being to win. The Founder said it was more important to harmonize with people than to win by depending on power. Switching from ‘skills of fighting’ to ‘harmony’ is the purpose of training. Love is all “Ki (life energy)” based on “En No Ugoki (circle movement)”, “Irimi (entering)”, “DoChuSei (quietness in turmoil)” and “Chushin (immovable center)” to train our skills with each other. There is no conflict in this training. Aikido is “a way to absolute self-accomplishment”. It goes without saying that the fabulousness of Aikido techniques and philosophical principles created by the Founder is widely acknowledged. For such accomplishment, unsparing support of the Founder’s father (Yoroku Ueshiba), the foresights by seniors who passed Aikido down correctly to the next generations, Kisshomaru 2nd Doshu’s devotion to further propagation of Aikido based on the Founder’s teaching were necessary. For myself, I have been following their paths with many people’s support. I believe that all these made a larger and greater Aikido circle today. I will continue to strive and to cherish the spirit of harmony, eliminating the walls of country, race and religion, to make an effort to have this great Aikido appreciated by a great number of people. Also, I hope I will contribute to the society as much as possible through Aikido.

April, 2015
Moriteru Ueshiba Doshu

What is Aikido?

合気道Aikido is a modern Martial Art created by the Founder, Morihei Ueshiba. After the Founder’s passing, his son Kisshomaru Ueshiba was inaugurated as Aikido Doshu. At present, Moriteru Ueshiba has succeeded his father as Aikido Doshu. The Aikikai Foundation is an association that was established in order to support inheritance of Aikido created by the Founder, to train body and mind through Aikido and to promote Aikido. Today, Aikido has become established in 130 countries around the world. Aikido Hombu Dojo was built in 1931. Under Doshu, a great number of Shihan and Shidoin unite in their efforts to commit to the development and enhancement of practice as the center of Aikido.

Hombu Dojo

AIKIKAIIn 1931, the Founder built a dedicated Aikido Dojo. This was a wooden building approximately 120 square meters (80 tatami mats) in size, called the Kobukan, located in present-day Wakamatsu-Cho, Shinjuku. In 1967 the original wooden structure housing the Aikido Hombu Dojo was replaced by a modern concrete building. In 1973 the building was modernized, and the fourth and fifth floors were added to the building. Aikido has become established in 130 countries, and under the direction of Doshu Moriteru Ueshiba, instructors carry on the spirit of Aikido which continues to grow throughout the world.