The official representative of the traditional aikido school of founder Morihei Ueshiba in Azerbaijan

Dear friends, welcome to our website !                                                                                   

I am sincerely glad to welcome you on the web page of the Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union. Aikido can not be called as a sport, but rather it is an art.All the arts, born in Japan, such as religion, philosophy, is like starts with understanding of their origin. For all the people who know and understand the Japanese civilization and art, for those who wish to learn or already studying Aikido or other martial arts, the path will be long and difficult. Aikido teaches us to live in harmony with the world and himself. This is the meaning of Aikido. I hope that our portal will be a reliable network channel which uniting all who love Aikido and want to learn this beautiful art. Azerbaijan National Olympic Committee

With respect and best wishes,
Ilham Guliyev.

AIKIKAI Hombu Dojo 

Azerbaijan Aikikai Aikido Clubs Public Union is the only official organization recognized by AIKIKAI on the territory of Azerbaijan, which is confirmed by the relevant certificate. The legal recognition of our organization gives us the right to take examinations for the awarding of KYU and DAN degrees and register them at the Aikikai Foundation World Aikido Headquarters, according to the AIKIKAI statute. This right also allows us to apply to AIKIKAI to issue licenses to our instructors with the titles of Fukushidoin, Shidoin and Shihan. In addition, it gives the right to represent the school of Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of traditional aikido in Azerbaijan.

December 1, 2017.
Vice chairman for international relations, Elnur Nemetov.

International Aikido Federation

Azerbaijan Aikikai Aikido Clubs Public Union the only official organization recognized by the International Aikido Federation in Azerbaijan. The International Aikido Federation allows to become a member of only one organization from each country. The International Aikido Federation grants the Azerbaijan Aikikai Aikido Clubs Public Union the right to represent Azerbaijan in the international arena.

October 13, 2021.
Vice chairman for organizational affairs, Ruslan Musayev.

International Events

We participate in international events organized by the Sport Accord Organizations, the International World Games Association and the Alliance of Independent Recognized Sports Members organized by the International Olympic Committee.

Turan Aikido Federation

Turan Aikido Federation, founded under the International Aikido Federation, is a union of aikido organizations of Turkic-speaking countries. Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan are the members of Turkiс aikido union. Turan Aikido Federation, Aikikai Foundation is an organization belonging to the World Aikido Headquarters! The headquarters of the Turan Aikido Federation is located in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Professional Martial Arts Association

Azerbaijan “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union is an equal member of the Professional Martial Arts Association of the Azerbaijan Republic on March 21, 2006. On April 19, 2006, it was registered under the name “ZIRVA” Professional Sports Club Public Union at the Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic. On August 29, 2011, the name of the union was changed, and it was again state registered as “Aikikai Aikido Clubs” Public Union at the Ministry of Justice of the  Azerbaijan Republic.

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